Blog by Keith Caldwell

Keith’s wife Janet has been to Cambodia 7 times and has been a faithful, core member of our Cambodia missions team as well as very involved in local mission initiatives.  Keith recently retired as a Murphy Oil Executive and has joined us on the last two trips to Cambodia where he exhibited true servant-leadership to our team as well as those we came to serve.


In Keith’s words…..

It is an overwhelming experience to serve together with brothers and sisters in Christ.  This trip to Cambodia may top all of my experiences in serving  and certainly represents a glimpse of heaven.  We joined the team at George Bush International Airport in Houston.  Men and women with various backgrounds, experiences, and gifts and as some of us were introduced for the first time, it caught my attention that at least five different church bodies were represented on this team.

It is not our church affiliation that defines or makes us but that we love Jesus and  we love  others. Thank you Pastor Omar for the opportunity to join together and serve the people of Cambodia.  Regardless of whether you were on the dental team, medical team, Vacation Bible School team or conference teaching team, each one of us was cheering for the other and ready to jump in and serve the other person.

Do you suppose that much of heaven is this?  Cheering for Jesus (raising our voices in praise) and serving one another!  Do you desire to see a glimpse of heaven on earth?  Select an opportunity and a team and share your love with that community.  It matters not whether it is domestic or international but that we serve others.

Thank you Team Cambodia 2019 for allowing me the privilege in serving with you.

To God Be the Glory!

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