Hope in the Villages

Written by Lisa Quiring

After many trips to Poipet, Cambodia going into the villages hit me a little harder this particular year. Seeing the hopelessness can be overwhelming. You see so many needs that you want to meet and can’t.

A home on the Cambodia/Thai border

I remembered a recent devotion from Acts 3 and it helped me to regain perspective. When Peter and John were asked by the beggar for money, they said we can’t help you with that BUT here is what we can give you – Jesus!

Hope has a name and it is Jesus. Realizing we can’t meet every need people have, although we did our best and will continue to try to meet their physical needs, we will always share the hope of heaven. I will continue to pray for the physical needs to be met and do my part to make that happen, but more than anything I pray that all people, despite their situation, realize their only real hope is in Jesus.

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