Our Team Leader

Kara and Kid
Kara Potts serves as our missions ministry’s point person for our work in Cambodia. Having traveled to Cambodia several times, Kara has developed a deep love for the Khmer people. She has helped our missions ministry to mobilize and equip several teams of volunteers that have served thousands in Cambodia.

When not leading teams to Cambodia, Kara is a stay at home mom — well, maybe not too stay at home. Kara is actively involved in reaching out to the nations in our own community. Among other local ministry initiatives, Kara inspires and leads her family and friends to engage in serving refugees who have come to the greater Houston area from around the globe.

Kara and her husband Dave have three amazing kids and model well what it means to be the primary faith trainers of their children. We are grateful to Kara for her service to others both at home and in Cambodia.