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It is so hard to find words to describe my experience in Cambodia. It was absolutely incredible! This was my first mission trip outside of the United States.  I’ve heard Steve Hyde speak at Kingsland about his mission work in Cambodia, but honestly, it was not until I actually visited Cambodia and saw Steve in action, that I fully understood the breadth of his work there and his passion for Cambodia. Steve, in Kara’s words, has not just a giant vision, but a God-size vision for Cambodia. It was so great to see him in action in his element,  and to serve alongside him. The Lord is using him in great and mighty ways to share Jesus with Cambodia!  What a tremendous blessing!

This was also the first time that I have ever been a part of a medical mission trip providing dental care. It was a lot of fun getting to serve the people of Cambodia and share about the hope we have in Jesus. They were so incredibly grateful, kind, loving, and hospitable.


Our team had so much fun together and got along so well. It was great getting to know people that I didn’t know, and grow closer to those I knew. We not only got to serve the Khmer people, but also serve one another, laugh and cry together, and create unforgettable memories together. Below is a picture of us wearing our compression socks on the 35 hour trip home!


So blessed and grateful for my husband Tom, who held down the fort at home and made this trip possible for me.

It was eye-opening to be submerged in the culture of Cambodia and experience life there among the Khmer people. I have fallen in love with the Khmer people and can’t wait to go back!

Excited to pray and see what the Lord is going to do in Cambodia.



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